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Delayed or Cancelled Flights

During a flight delay or cancellation Air Borealis has the obligation to offer compensation to passengers for the inconvenience based on the compensation amounts for small airlines, as per the Canadian Transportation Agency. The amount of compensation depends on how late the passenger arrives at their final destination, compared to the arrival time on their original itinerary.


Below is a list of when a passenger may be entitled to compensation:


Length of delay Compensation Issued Controllable delay Controllable but for safety Uncontrollable
3 to <6 hours $125 or; $250 AIR BOREALIS travel voucher X X
6 to <9 hours $250 or; $500 AIR BOREALIS travel voucher X X
9+ hours $500 or; $1000 AIR BOREALIS travel voucher X X


There are many different types of factors that contribute to flight disruptions.

Flight Disruption Categories

The three (3) flight disruption categories and some examples of each are as follows:

1. Controllable
Commercial/Operational Decisions:

  • Overbooking flights;
  • Consolidating or cancelling flights with low passenger demand;
  • Similar actions aimed at maximizing revenue;
  • Staff/flight crew scheduling and availability;
  • Flight preparation activities (aircraft grooming, baggage loading, aircraft fueling);
  • Routine or scheduled maintenance (including subsequent repairs or required activities).

2. Controllable but required for safety reasons
Situations required by law to reduce risk to passengers’ safety:

  • Unexpected aircraft malfunctions not identified during routine maintenance that may compromise safety;
  • Safety decisions made by the pilot;
  • A delay, cancellation or denial of boarding that is directly attributable to an earlier delay or cancellation that is within that carrier’s control but is required for safety purposes, is considered to also be within that carrier’s control but required for safety purposes if that carrier took all reasonable measures to mitigate the impact of the earlier flight delay or cancellation.

3. Uncontrollable
Situations outside of the carrier’s control:

  • Weather conditions or natural disasters;
  • Airport operation issues;
  • Instructions from air traffic control;
  • Medical emergencies;
  • Collision with wildlife;
  • A NOTAM (notice to airmen);
  • A security threat;
  • Illegal acts or sabotage;
  • Labor disruptions/strikes;
  • War or political instability;
  • A manufacturing defect in an aircraft that reduces the safety of passengers.

Passengers who have experienced a delay or cancellation for reasons within the airlines control have one year to file a claim with Air Borealis from the date the flight delay or cancellation happened, once the claim has been made Air Borealis has 30 days to issue a payment or will notify the passenger or why the claim has been rejected.

Passengers who have experienced a delay or cancellation to their destination may request compensation online on the following link: