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Shipping Animals

Animal lovers? We sure are! Air Borealis Cargo treats animals as if they’re our own. Our top priority when shipping animals is comfort and safety. To ensure a stress-free travel experience, if your animal is travelling alone, please make arrangements with our cargo office at least 48 hours in advance. As our rates are based on the dimensions and weight of the kennel(s), this information is required at time of booking. Please call the Air Borealis Cargo department at (709) 896-3474 or email for more details and to make arrangements.


  • We will not accept animals that emit offensive odors, are hostile, or are in an agitated state.
  • Cats or dogs under eight weeks old will not be accepted.
  • Some extra-large kennels may not be accepted due to aircraft size, type, and availability.
  • Please understand that, as a precautionary measure and to ensure their comfort, shipment of your animal may be delayed when extreme temperatures are forecast en route.


  • Kennels must be certified leak-proof pet carriers, free of defects, and provide adequate ventilation for the animal.
  • Kennels must be large enough for your pet to stand up, turn around completely, and lie down.
  • Metal wire cages are not accepted.
  • Maximum of two animals permitted per kennel. Animals must be friendly and familiar with one another and be able to turn around freely.

Additional Tips

  • Your animal(s) should eat a light meal and drink at least two to three hours before departure.
  • Exercise your animal immediately before leaving for the airport.

Air Borealis is not responsible in the event of loss, delay, injury, sickness, or death of any pet or animal accepted for transportation.