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Carry On Bag

Carry On Baggage on Air Borealis

Air Borealis does not allow for carry on baggage due to aircraft limitations and restrictions. We will accept personal items and offer a sky check service as outlined below:

Personal Item:

Air Borealis will permit one (1) free personal item. This item must be safely secured to the passenger during flight. This personal item may include, but is not limited to: a purse (maximum dimension 10”x12”x8” (LxWxH), medication bag, and small personal containers carrying life sustaining items such as CPAP.

Sky Check Service:

We are pleased to offer a Sky Check Service that will be at no additional charge, in addition to our 50 lbs free allowance of checked baggage and a personal item. This service will allow proper storage on board our aircraft in front of the cabin for one (1) item, such as, but not limited to, backpack with laptop/fragile/valuable items, camera, diaper bag. The following rules apply:

Baggage allowance Max Weight Max Size LxWxH
1 13lbs 12x16x10 inches

Please ensure your sky check item has a sky check tag, which are available at each check-in counter or gate. You will be required to carry the sky check item to the aircraft where our crew and/or ground staff will accept your bag and place on board. Your sky check will be readily available upon arrival at your destination.

If you are connecting to a PAL Airlines flight, your sky check baggage will be transferred at no additional charge.