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Compensation Claim

Air Borealis is proud to have a proven record of moving passengers to their destination safely, and on time. While we excel in providing this consistent, on time service, there are times when we are unable to meet this goal and, in certain circumstances, our valued passengers are entitled to monetary compensation.

Types of service disruption that qualify for compensation

  • Intentional overbooking of flights
  • Lost, damaged or delayed luggage
  • Crew/Staff issues over which Air Borealis has reasonable control (Must be greater than a 3 hour delay)
  • Routine or scheduled maintenance (Must be greater than a 3 hour delay)
  • Scheduling and/or availability of crew (Must be greater than a 3 hour delay)
  • Consolidating or cancelling flights with low passenger demand (Must be greater than a 3 hour delay)

If your arrival on an Air Borealis flight has been delayed for more than three hours, and the delay was not caused by weather, or related to safety.

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