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Covid-19 Update

April 7, 2020

Please be advised that, under order of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and from the Government of Quebec, all passengers travelling on commercial flights must be either considered essential, travelling home or travelling for essential medical purposes. If passengers do not meet this criteria, they will be denied boarding on Air Borealis. Also, in addition to the existing prohibition against passengers connecting to our flights from outside Canada, Air Borealis will also no longer allow boarding for passengers connecting onto our aircraft from other Canadian Provinces. Passengers to whom this circumstance applies are encouraged to immediately find suitable arrangements that will allow for the completion of the recommended 14-day self-isolation. For additional information with regards to the conditions under which travel on Air Borealis is allowed, please call our Reservations and Customer Care team at 1-800-563-2800.  

March 11, 2020

Air Borealis is continuing to work hard to adjust to the new reality of Covid-19 Virus. While we are committed to providing essential air services to Northern Communities, over the past week we have seen our traffic numbers decrease exponentially and charter requirements decline due to Covid-19 concerns. Air Borealis recognizes its responsibility to coastal communities. We assure you that we are not cancelling our air service to your community. We will adhere to the restrictions put in place by Mushuau Innu First Nation as it relates to passenger flights to Natuashish. We will maintain air service to all coastal communities. In the coming days, frequency of passenger service will be reduced. Cargo flights will continue to operate in a manner that meets demand for that service. Air Borealis is continually reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure we are following all recommendations from government and health care officials as relates illness prevention. We will continue to be updated you with new information as it becomes available. Covid-19 Update - Air Borealis Statement - April 7, 2020