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Rebooking and Refunds

If a cancellation or denial of boarding affected the arrival time of a passenger by at least 3 hours Air Borealis will rebook the passenger on the next available flight if travel arrangements are acceptable to the passenger’s needs.

Any delay or cancellation or denial of boarding by Air Borealis affecting passengers arrival time by over 3 hours where providing travel arrangements are not desired by the passenger, passengers are entitled to a full refund of ticket regardless of fare purchased.

If a flight delay or cancellation is within Air Borealis’ control (and not required for safety), within 14 days or less of the departure time on their original ticket and rebooking does not meet a passenger’s travel needs (e.g. there is no longer a purpose to travel), the passenger will be entitled to a refund of their ticket regardless of fare purchased, as well as compensation in the form of $125 for inconvenience.